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Child Counselling Service in Pune

Childhood is said to be the most important phase in a person’s life. Most of the adulthood mental health issues are connected with the person’s early years of childhood. The importance of child counselling is increasing in today’s world.

The education system today, has also become child-centric. To sum it up, many measures are taken to enrich the developmental years, in a child, to help them manage the behavioral issues, impact of surroundings etc., which could affect their mental health.

Taking into consideration the importance of childhood and the issues that children face, WAITT is introducing child counselling services with the best child counselor in the field.

Child Counselling

What is Child Counselling?

Child counselling has different elements included. The counselling sessions are designed as per the child’s current issues. Child counselling helps children with behavioral issues like anger, tantrums and behavioral disorders like ADHD, autism, conduct disorder etc.

Child counselling is also used for children with learning difficulty and learning disorders, along with remedial education sessions. Along with this, children’s mental health can get affected due to environmental triggers like parent’s divorce, grief, losing a loved one, witnessing traumatic event, bullying etc. In such cases counselling helps the child to work on the specific, distressing area of life so that it won’t become a bigger problem in future.

Our Areas Of Specialization In Child Counselling

Child counseling has number of sub-branches under it, and it is always better to know the counselor who would be able to cater to your child’s needs. So, here’s a list of specialization of our child counselor which will help you in understanding them better!

What Is The Need Of A Child Counsellor?

A child psychologist exclusively caters to the psychological issues and wellbeing of children. Even though childhood is one part of one’s life, it also has different phases according to the age of child and a child counsellor is equipped to handle cases from different phases and unique issues of the children.

The reasons of why one needs a child counsellor are:

When To Opt For Child Counselling Service?

One can start counselling sessions for the children if they feel their child is suffering from emotional, social or mental distress. Counselling sessions can be started if the child is seen having behavioural issues or coping issues. These sessions can be extremely helpful for child to cope with any traumatic events that might be taking place in their life.

FAQS Related To Child Counselling

Mental health and wellbeing of children is extremely important for all the parents. And it is quite natural for you to have few questions regarding the same. So, here we are to help you solve any doubts that you have in your mind regarding child counselling.

Yes, if the child opens up and is comfortable with the counsellor, then child counselling does work. There might be times when the counsellor asks parents or family members to inculcate some change in themselves, following the guidelines of counsellor helps to enhance the process of counselling.

If at any point you or your child feel that counselling is not working or the counsellor is not a good fit for the current issue, then you have a right as client to terminate the sessions, discuss it with the current counsellor or take your child to another counsellor.

If you start acknowledging any changes in the behavior of your child, which could be out of character, then that could be your cue for starting counselling sessions. Other than that, if you feel that your child is having any intellectual, social or psychological issue then you can opt for counselling.

Moreover, if you want to break any news to the child and do not know how he/she will react to it, then you can start the sessions immediately.

Counselling helps children to become aware about their feelings, thoughts and emotions. It helps them to talk about topics which they may not be able to talk to with their parents. Counselling helps children to consciously change their unhealthy behavior, cope with any stress or trauma or with any other issue that they may be facing.

Child counselling is important because it helps the child to deal with their emotional and mental distress. Some children might not understand their problem, some might understand the issue but would be unable to verbalize it and some might not know to deal with their problems. Counselling helps children to acknowledge, talk and deal with their problems in a healthy way and that is why it is of utmost importance.

Looking For Child Counsellor In Pune?

Incidents from our childhood affect our adulthood. Hence, it is better to deal with issues in the childhood itself, then to let them come back and haunt one in their adulthood.

If you feel your child needs counselling session, then visit us here and find the best child counselling service for your child. We take in-person counselling sessions in Pune, Maharashtra. You can opt for online counselling sessions too from any part of India!



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