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LGBT Couples Counselling in Pune

Although same sex marriage is not yet legalised in India, decriminalization of section 377 has given a green signal for the legalization of LGBT couples. The LGBT community, in India, still haven’t got the acceptance by the society and same is the case with LGBT couples. At such times, who do they turn to if they have issues in their romantic relationship?

Understanding the need of the hour, WAITT has a special section for LGBT couple’s counselling. We have psychologists who are queer friendly and have knowledge about the LGBT community and their mental health.

What is LGBT Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling is as important for the LGBT couples as it is for the heterosexual couples. Every relationship has its unique challenges, and so the LGBT couples might also face their share of challenges when it comes to the romantic relationship. In LGBT couples counselling, the couple is guided towards having a healthy relationship in terms of mental health.

There can be many questions that the couple is finding the answers for, some guidance they are expecting for their relationship and a safe space for them to talk about their relationship and couples counselling helps them in getting all these things.

Our Areas of Specialty in LGBT Couples Counselling:

Our counsellors are well equipped to take on cases of couples counselling, but we understand that counselling can be very intimate and a vulnerable experience and the first thing you’d want to know would be about your counsellor. Here’s a list of areas of specialty of our counsellors in LGBT couples counselling:

Why Do You Need LGBT Couples Counseling?

The most important reason to opt for LGBT couples counselling is because you get a safe space and unbiased guidance from the counsellor. You get to talk to someone who genuinely understands what you and your partner are going through and they have enough knowledge to help you with the bumps in your romantic relationships!

Another, equally important, reasons for you and your partner to opt for LGBT couples counselling are:

When to Get LGBT Couples Counselling?

You can opt for LGBT couples counselling when you feel that you need a third person guidance for your romantic relationship. Sometimes, the couples fail to understand their partner because they are unaware of their side of the story or at times, the individual’s thinking can get a bit unrealistic. At such times, couples counselling sessions can help tremendously.

It is never too soon or too late to opt for couple’s counselling. The moment you start your sessions, is the right time for you!

FAQs related to LGBT Couples Counselling:

We understand that being in the LGBT community, one may have doubts of whether the counsellor will be able to cater to your needs and most importantly, will they be able to understand you. We don’t want you to back out from counselling for these reasons. So here are a few FAQs which will help you to understand the LGBT couples counselling better and will also answer your queries.

Instead of the statistics, what is important is to find the right approach towards therapy and counselling. Every counsellor gives in their 100% while counselling, but the success rate doesn’t just depend upon the counsellor’s work, it highly depends on how much the clients are willing to take the guidance and apply it in their behavior.

For LGBT couples counseling, the most important factor lies in talking to someone who understands them. Here, even if the couple feels that counselling didn’t work 100%, still they won’t feel that it failed, because they would learn at least something about themselves and/or their partner in the process of counselling.

Totally! LGBT couple’s counsellor caters to unique problems that the couples from LBGT community face. LGBT counselling helps you to understand yourselves and your relationship in a better way and in turn, it enhances your romantic relationship!

The counselling also helps you to get an insight whether you are in a healthy relationship or an unhealthy one. It helps you to make a firm decision about whether to take your relationship further.

Definitely. Couples counselling works best before marriage too! Although same sex marriage isn’t legal in India, if you are a couple living outside India and want to be sure about getting married or if you want to start counselling for any issues that you are facing in your romantic relationship, then you can connect with our counsellors online and they will guide you for the same! Online sessions work as effectively as in-person sessions.

Cost of the sessions varies from counsellor to counsellor. However, you can visit our website to check the cost listed by our counsellors.

Looking for LGBT Couples Counsellor?

Are you someone who comes from LGBT community and are in a romantic relationship? Are you having issues in your romantic relationship and don’t understand whom to turn to talk about it? We know how romantic relationship can be a sensitive topic and how you’d not want it to be taken lightly. That’s why here’s presenting LGBT couples counselling, which will help you to have a smooth relationship journey!

Jump on to https://www.supportoursafety.com/therapy/ select your date and time slot, make the payment and your session will be booked! We are here to make you feel comfortable to talk about your relationship. We have taken our step; it is time that you take yours!



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