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Best marriage counselling service In Pune

Marriage counselling has turned out to be a very important branch of counselling as people started realizing how much the stress of a ‘happy marriage’ can take a toll on one’s mental wellbeing.

Understanding its importance, WAITT has taken many important steps towards making the couples, who are in their pre-marriage or post-marriage phase throughout India, reach out to the marriage counsellors through our different webinars and one to one counselling.

WAITT provides best marriage counselling service both; online, across India and in-person, in Pune. We also ensure to provide you the best counsellor in the field.

Marriage Counselling

What Is Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling helps the married couple to understand each other better and enhance one’s marriage. Through marital counselling, the counsellor can guide the couple to resolve their conflicts and improve their relationship.

Marriage counselling helps the couple to open a conversation about few elements in their marriage, which they might have been avoiding to talk about. It also provides them a different perspective towards an issue that they might be experiencing.

Marriage counselling is for couples of different sexual orientations. It is not only for the couples who are married, but also for the couples who are planning to get married.

1. Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre marriage counselling, in simple terms, helps you to understand what you are marrying into. It is for couple who are in the phase between ‘got engaged’ and ‘married’.

This type of counselling helps the couple to talk about different topics which they will face after getting married like understanding extended families, views on raising children, gender roles etc. It helps the couples to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and accepting it wholeheartedly.

Marriage Counselling
Marriage Counselling

2. Post-Marriage Counselling

Post marriage counselling is for married couples. There is no bar regarding the years that the couple is married for. This type of counselling is for couples who might be facing issues in their married life because of the behavior of the spouse, physical intimacy between the couples, parenting styles, communication problems etc.

In India, a married couple might stay with extended family members. The behavior of other family members could also cause an issue in the married couples life. Marriage counselling helps in resolving these issues as well.

Our Areas Of Specialization In Marriage Counselling

Before getting into counselling or therapy sessions, it is important for the clients to understand whether their counsellor is equipped to handle the issue that they are facing.

Here’s a list of specialization of our marriage counsellor which will help you in understanding them better:

Why Do You Need Marriage Counselling and a Counsellor?

No marriage is perfect, it takes a lot of effort from both the individual to have a happy and long-lasting marriage. While they are on this journey, a couple might face some obstacles and marriage counselling or a marriage counsellor can help the couple in overcoming those obstacles.

It is better to get into marriage counselling or visit a counsellor who is specialized in marriage counselling, for following reasons:

When To Start Marriage Counselling?

Small incidences can lead to a bigger problem. Hence, one need not wait until things get too much to handle in a marriage. Anytime one realizes that they need help in their marital life, they can opt for marriage counselling. Apart from that, starting counselling sessions before deciding to separate or getting a divorce proves to be effective.

FAQs Related to Marriage Counselling:

It is important to trust the process of counselling and getting into it without any doubt helps in boosting the process. It is also important to clear a few basic doubts which might help you in understanding the marital counselling process better. Here are a few FAQ’s:

For pre-marriage counselling, you can opt for counselling even if you do not have any issue with your fiancé. You can start pre-marital counselling anytime when you decide to get married, in cases of inter-caste or inter-religion marriage, or commitment issues.

For post-marriage counselling, you can opt for counselling if you feel like you are having issues like- unhealthy communication, loss or decreased need for intimacy, continuous conflicts, issues with parenting, abuse, extra marital affair, or in cases of withdrawing from one another.

With the right counsellor and your willingness to trust and apply all the techniques in your life, marriage counselling does prove to be helpful.

If both the married individuals are open and trusting towards the process of counseling, then these sessions will provide insights leading to the individuals’ decision on how to lead the married life.

The main purpose of pre-marriage counselling is to getting to know your partner in a better way and to prepare the couple mentally for marriage.

It is never too late to start the counselling process! No matter how intense the issue is, marriage counselling can prove to be beneficial. Even if the couples decide to separate, the counsellor can guide them regarding healthy ways to move on.

Counselling is a process; hence one will not feel it working immediately after first or second session, you need to give it some time.

However, if after many sessions the couple do not feel that it is working then they can terminate counselling after discussing it with the counsellor. Termination of the sessions is one of the client’s rights, but it is advisable that you talk to your counsellor first, take their advice and then decide about terminating the sessions.

Firstly, both the individuals need to make sure whether they are going to take counselling sessions seriously. Secondly, the couple need to find a marriage counsellor or a therapist and ask them about their educational qualifications. Thirdly, the couple need to prepare themselves to discuss about personal history with the counsellor.

Not only can marriage counselling help one with their trust issues, but it can also help the couple or an individual to find out where it is coming from, i.e., the root cause of the trust issue. This will give you an insight for future instances as well.

Looking for Marriage Counsellor in Pune?

If you are looking for the best marriage counsellor in Pune, then we have made your search easy. Visit here to sign up for your marriage counselling sessions. We are taking in person-sessions in Pune, Maharashtra. Do not worry, you can start you counselling sessions online from any part of India!



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