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Best Relationship Counseling In Pune

A romantic relationship, can be said to be the most important relationship in one’s life. With the changing lifestyle and mindsets, complications in a relationship are increasing. It has been researched, that involvement in romantic relationship is linked with healthier wellbeing.

We understand the significance of a strong and healthy relationship and how issues in a relationship can affect one’s life and so, WAITT has taken steps to provide you the best relationship counselor and relationship counseling service in Pune and all over India.

Relationship Counseling

What Is Relationship Counselling?

In the world of teen and adult relationships, a lot of issues like lack of communications, conflicts etc., can lead to distress in couple’s life. Relationship counselling, helps the couple to understand their relationship from the perspective of both the partners and solve the issues.

Relationship counselling helps the couple to reflect on their own thinking and behavioral pattern and communicate freely with their partner whenever a healthy communication is required.

Our Areas Of Specialization In Relationship Counselling

The relationship counselor has to deal with clients ranging from teens, young adults to adults. Every age group has their unique set of issues. In such situations, it is essential for you to know the strengths of your counselor.

Here are our counselor’s areas of specialization to make you understand your counselor better:

Why Do You Need A Relationship Counselling Or Counselor?

We usually tend to turn to our friends for a relationship advice, if things are not going well. At times it may help, but your friends might be giving you advice based only on your version of the issue. A relationship counsellor does not give any advice, they merely guide you and lead you to the problem solving.

Secondly, the relationship counselor tries to understand both the partners perspective and encourages them to put forth their points in front of their partners. In addition to these points, a qualified relationship counselor is required for following points:

When To Opt For Relationship Counselling?

One can opt for relationship counseling whenever they start acknowledging the stressors in their relationship. There is no correct timing or wrong reasons to opt for relationship counselling!

Faqs Related To Relationship Counselling:

Here are a few FAQs to help you clear your doubts about relationship counseling so that you start you counseling process smoothly:

Relationship counseling helps the couple in building stronger relationship by acknowledging issues and guiding the couple to solve it as per their capacity.

Relationship counseling helps in building trust, understanding your partner well, understanding your need in a relationship etc.

With a right relationship counsellor and your willingness to open up and accept things, relationship counselling does help in flourishing and helping you grow your relationship healthier and stronger.

Not all relationship counseling sessions have a fixed flow. However, in general a counselor might use these approaches-

During the process of counselling, the counsellor interacts with both the partners. It may so happen that at times, the counsellor might talk to them individually.

After understanding the issue, the counselor tries to build insight by talk therapy or by using some activities in session. The couples might also be asked to do a few activities as homework to make them understand a few things on their own, in absence of the counsellor.

The last stage of counseling helps the couple to resolve their conflicts and make important decisions regarding their relationship.

If you feel like you have trust issues, communication issues, are not happy in your relationship or if you are in a toxic relationship, then you can definitely opt for relationship counselling.

Lot of people feel that counseling, in general, would solve all their problems. However, that is not the case.

In relationship counseling, you can expect to be asked a few personal questions, which will make the counselor understand your case in a better way.

In this process, you might also feel emotionally overwhelmed, and that is alright because you may get to know new and surprising things about yourself, your partner and about your relationship.

Relationship counselling helps you understand your and your partner’s wants and needs. This in turn, helps you to make the decision of whether or not to continue the relationship.

If you both decide to stay in the relationship, then the counsellor helps you to build a strong relationship.

If you both decide not to stay in a relationship, then the counsellor helps you both to cope with the termination of the relationship and healthy ways of moving on.

Looking for Relationship Counsellor in Pune?

If you feel that you need to opt for relationship counseling and are finding the best relationship counselling in Pune, then Visit here to sign up for your relationship counselling sessions and book your appointment now!

We are happy to announce that we take in-person and online counselling sessions so you can reach out to us from any part of India!



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