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Anger Management Couples Counselling Service in Pune

Every romantic relationship has a couple with all ranges of emotions, anger being one of them. Can anger cause disruption in a loving relationship? Does it make a relationship imperfect? We’ll get to it shortly!

Couples counselling is a separate branch in counselling, with anger management being a part of it. But with the increasing rate of break-ups and splitting up of a couple due to anger control made us have a separate anger management couples counselling service. We have the top counsellors with great expertise in the field at WAITT who have been appointed for this counselling service in Pune.

What is Anger Management Couples Counselling?

Anger is one of the common emotions that every individual faces. When in a relationship, two individuals come together to form it, each brings in their own happiness, vulnerabilities and other emotions to the relationship based on their own life experiences. But isn’t anger a negative emotion? Yes, it is an unhealthy emotion, but it is very natural to experience it.

The problem arises when the anger gets out of hand. When the individuals act on this emotion and it becomes huge. Domestic abuse, alcohol addiction, communication issues are some of the problems that may arise in a relationship due to lack of anger management.

In anger management couples counselling, the counsellor analyses the levels of anger that both the individuals bring in to a relationship, whether it is healthy for the relationship and for the couple, and uses different techniques to help the couple in anger management.

Our Areas of Specialty in Anger Management Couples Counselling:

No relationship is perfect, rather both the individuals need to work realistically for their relationship to grow. Sometimes you might find some flaws in your partner and blame them for making the relationship fail. Anger can be that flaw. But realistically, it can be worked on.

Our counsellor understands how to handle cases of anger management with sensitivity and bring in their expertise. To know our counsellor better, here’s their areas of specialty in this type of counselling:

Why Do You Need Anger Management Marriage Counselling?

Anger, although a natural emotion if not managed in behavioural outcomes can cause disruption in romantic relationships. Anger management doesn’t teach that one should not get angry at any moment, rather it teaches you how to get yourself out from the anger causing situation and look at it from a rational point of view.

Following points can make you understand more whether you should consider getting into anger management counselling for your marital relationship:

When to Get Anger Management Couples Counselling?

One can start anger management sessions if they feel that their or their partner’s anger is affecting their marital relationship. Sure, an anger outburst once in a while is understood, but if it becomes a frequent part of your marriage, then you should consider getting into counselling immediately.

FAQs related to Anger Management Couples Counselling:

Are you confused about whether or not to opt for anger management couples counselling? We get that. We understand you might have a few questions regarding this branch of counselling and to make it easier for you, here are a few FAQs to help you make your decision.

There are many techniques that the counsellor can try with couples or an individual which will help them to manage their anger. The counsellor can also suggest a few activities to try outside the counsellor’s cabin and in the household settings so that the couples can understand which technique is helping them the best.

Different individual comes in with different reasons for anger. Some have childhood supressed anger; some have rational anger but do not know how to express it. It is important to make the couple understand where their or their spouse’s anger is emerging from.

Counsellor’s can use different therapies or eclectic therapy depending on the couple’s situation. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Rational Behavioural therapy can be best therapies for anger management in couples.

Yes! Therapy can help to manage anger because it doesn’t invalidate your anger, rather it helps you to find the root cause of it. Moreover, in therapy, the clients are not told that anger is bad or that they shouldn’t feel angry at all. Anger is seen as natural emotion and the clients are taught how to let go of irrational anger using techniques. This makes the client see the emotion in a realistic way.

It depends on lot of factors. The important part in couples therapy is to be open with your counsellor and communicate freely. If you feel that their approach isn’t working, tell the therapist and they will work on it.

Another part in couples therapy that the couple should keep in mind is that not to drag a topic into your day or in coming weeks outside the therapist’s office. It shouldn’t be a ‘why you said this’ or ‘do you really think of me in this way?’. Therapy is a place for both the individuals to talk freely about what they think. Respecting each other’s opinions should be followed by the couple.

You do not need to hide any information from your counsellor. Rather, the more you be transparent with your counsellor, the easier it becomes for them to understand the issues that you are facing and it helps them to make a proper plan for you.

Looking for Anger Management Marriage Counsellor?

Are you someone looking for counselling sessions for anger management for your marriage? Then you have come to the right spot. We have made booking a session with our experts very easy. Go on to https://www.supportoursafety.com/therapy/. select the counsellor, choose a date for your session, make payment and your session gets booked!



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