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Know your child better and help your child become a good human being because Childhood is the one story that stands
by itself in every soul and all of us are products of our childhood.
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Counselling for Child Behaviours in Pune

There are many reasons why your child might not be behaving properly. A child may suffer from various issues which many times adults don’t understand. Thus, it is important to look for the red flags and immediately seek help for them. Instead of being hesitant about it, seeking help for it is beneficial for your family and of course, the child himself/herself. So, seek help!

What is Child Behaviour Counselling?

Child behavior therapy teaches children as well as their families how to strengthen acceptable or positive child behavior and eliminate or reduce the unwanted behaviors in the child. Behavioral therapy focuses on how some problematic thoughts or negative behavior can be treated. The common thing behavioral therapists do is – encourage children to try new behaviors, reward desired behaviors, and allow unwanted behaviors to diminish.

E.g. – Imagine a child who beats up other children in his class. The child therapist will use some reward strategy to not beat up any child in a class for a day. The child therapist might say, if you don’t beat anyone today, I will allow you 15 more minutes in the P.E. period which the child will love to do. To encash this reward, the child won’t beat others in the classroom. So, in this case, the acceptable change has happened and unwanted behavior will diminish.

Our Areas of Specialty in Counselling for Child Behaviours

Our counselors are experts in handling various issues such as –

Why Do You Need Counselling for Child Behaviours?

Counselling for child behaviors is needed when the child can’t cope with his/her problems on their own. Sometimes, even families can’t understand the child and solve their problems so, a child counselor is needed.

Here are a few reasons to get counseling for your child –

When to Get Child Behaviour Counselling?

If your child is suffering from any mental, social, emotional, or psychological stress, distress, disturbance, or trauma which is often hard to cope with, then you must seek child behavior counseling The child counselor can identify the underlying issues and work on the problem with the suitable treatment plan to get the child better. Sometimes, as a parent, you don’t understand what’s happening with my child? where are you or the child going wrong? At that time child counselors are there to help you cope with the situation. Therefore, you should seek counseling for your child, when you notice that your child is struggling or behaving atypically. A child counselor will teach him/her helpful techniques that place his/her mental health and well-being in check.

Some of the most common issues child behavioral counselors treat are –

Child Behavioural Counselling: Related FAQs

While counseling, behavioral therapists work in 2 ways – either they work with the child directly or they work with the child’s parents. While working with parents, they tell parents to learn or improve skills to manage their child’s behavior. Parents are encouraged to practice these skills with their children, either during the therapy session or at home. Sometimes, teachers are also trained in behavior management to help the child at their day-care center or school. Whereas, with older children or adolescents, the therapist works directly with the child to teach them how to choose positive, acceptable behaviors by giving a specified reward or punishment strategy. Parents can be involved to support and strengthen the skills their child is learning.

Helping a child with behavioral problems is essential to make them feel good. Here are a few things you can do to help a child with behavioral problems –

  • Do not overreact
  • Do not give up on the child
  • Talk to your child
  • Be positive
  • Trust your child
  • Do not hesitate to seek help
  • Offer rewards but don’t bribe the child
  • Avoid hitting your child

If your child is behaving atypically despite not having any kind of change and if it is affecting his/her daily activities and mental, physical health, it can be a sign of concern. Technically, behavioral problems that last for 6 months or more could be a sign that your child needs behavioral therapy.

If your child needs support to help them understand and manage their feelings, they may benefit from seeing the child counselor, psychologist, or therapist. Additional support might be needed from school in case of issues like autism, learning disability, ADHD. In extreme cases, help from a Psychiatrist is also needed

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