I was 10 years old when I watched the movie ‘Titanic’ for the first time. I tried to convince myself that it was Leo that I had romantically fallen for, but my love for him sank with the ship Titanic. I was in denial for long but a few years later I realized and that […]

Kill depression before it kills you

The probability in one’s lifetime to develop depression is 5% to 12% in males and 10% to 25% in females. Leaving us all susceptible to this lethal disease. Genetic predisposition and environmental stressors amplify the tendency to develop depression in a person’s life. The striking feature of the onset of this disease is “disturbed feelings”, […]

Coffee.. Of our times..

Every room in the house was yelling differently. Although the subjects, contexts and tones were different in each room, one thing was constant – that was ‘struggle’. Struggle to face the current situation. Struggle to stay alive on different fronts. One bedroom was office to my son, second bedroom was school for our daughter-in-law who […]

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